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“I very much appreciate both the company and the expert care of the staff”  From a proud 101 year old resident

“We moved Mum to Stonehill House a few months ago and have been both delighted and impressed with the quality of care she has received there.

Previously Mum had been living in a care home run by one of the large corporate care company. Whilst we had great expectations when she first went there, unfortunately the experience was extremely poor, due to a dreadfully high staff turnover rate, insufficient staffing and management discipline, the quality of care was really poor: There really was very little personal attention. The final straw that caused us to leave was an unexplainably high increase in rates for what was already an exceptionally expensive care home.

Thank goodness for Stonehill House! The staff, most of whom have worked there for 10 years of more, made Mum extremely welcome. She has a lovely room that has been recently refurbished to a very high standard and has settled into her new home extremely well. One of the really nice things is that the home has relatively few residents so everyone knows each other and there is a really warm and friendly atmosphere.” From a relative

“Every resident is treated as an individual”  From a visiting District Nurse
“A very pleasant place to work and the team is great to get on with” Current staff member
“I can only say I have been happy in Abbeyfield since I came and continue to feel thankful that I am in such a caring retirement home”
A current resident
“The staff are very friendly, helpful and welcoming”  From a visiting hairdresser